Cardboard Collection Route

Our cardboard collection route is run every Tuesday and Friday.  We will provide you with a cardboard collection dumpster.   You place your unwaxed, clean, dry, flattened, corrugated cardboard boxes in the cardboard dumpster.  We collect it and have it recycled.

Please don't allow garbage (contaminants) in your cardboard dumpster. 

Thank You for your interest.  This is a great way to reduce your garbage output and thereby reduce your garbage bill.



Cardboard Route Annual Rates

Please Call Us for Specific Rates

Dumpster Size

Once/Week Collection

Twice/Week Collection

1 Yard

$93 $156

2 Yard

$113 $189

3 Yard

$137 $230

4 Yard

$166 $248
The rate is an annual charge for collection throughout the year.
Orders requiring the purchase of two or more dumpsters will incur additional charges to cover the equipment costs.